Managed Services

Managed Services

Whether your business is small, medium or large in size it is running on information wherever you are. Without properly structuring, it will be open for security threats, data losses, slow performance and costly downtime. Our Managed Services is focused in delivering the following as a service to multiple regions such as Australia, UK, and North America who are looking for best in class solutions and expertise.

  • Database Administrator Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Application infrastructure and Support
  • DevOps pipeline 

Database Administration Services

Almost every business that’s backed by IT has a database behind the backdrop. Regardless your business is a startup, or a well established enterprise, health and reliability of your database systems is a critical factor in your business. Poorly managed databases cause significant financial, opportunity and reputation costs. iTelaSoft Database Support Services caters both small and large businesses to keep their data secure and available while managing their costs.

Are you a start-up or small business?

Then certainly most of your energy and focus will be running your core business and you may in seek of someone who can assist with database expertise! We can take the heavy lifting of managing your database.

Are you an enterprise?

Rather than depending on inhouse Database Administrators, use iTelaSoft’s database administration as a service. We comply with strict SLAs, non disclosure and privacy standards. We cater database services on demand, so that lowering your overall cost of IT infrastructure ownership on premise or in the cloud.

Our Database Administrator Services

  • Database provisioning and setup
  • Schema design and developer support
  • Database performance tuning
  • High availability setup
  • Data replication, clustering and redundancy
  • Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery
  • Upgrade and Migration Services
  • License management
  • Database health monitoring
  • Proactive data/system maintenance
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