iTelaSoft Night

iTelaSoft Night 2018

The annual company gathering was held on the 12th of January, 2018, at Best Western Elyon Colombo. The team was able to recap the events that took place in 2017 and discuss the strategies to follow in 2018. The night was filled with fun and excitement, and the team really enjoyed the event!

Addressing the iTelaSoft team and guests, Mr. Indaka Raigama, CEO Global Operations, reminded everyone of the organisation’s small beginning, and how it managed to quickly transform into a medium-sized company in the last few years. He also described some recent achievements of the organisation, thanking everyone who contributed in delivering those cutting-edge solutions. With concluding words from Indaka, he explained the focus areas of the company and the opportunities of working together to achieve those.

One of the guests participating in the event, Dr. Madurapperuma, Senior Lecturer of the Open University and Director of the ICTA Sri Lanka, applauded the dedicated technology focus and innovation demonstrated by iTelaSoft in its short duration. In addition, he shared some words of wisdom, mentioning that a young IT professional should be not only technologically literate, but also culturally literate too! We are no longer an isolated community. Being a solution provider to the global market, it is very important to become culturally sensitive and understand context quickly to become adaptable.

iTelaNight 2018 was a colourful evening with a group of young, vibrant, and passionate individuals sharing their talents and joy with each other.