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AI Transformation & Data Management
During the last three decades, businesses achieved a growth rate never seen in history by embracing Digital Transformation. Through that, organisations transformed from manually driven operations to automated operations. In the latter part of the last decade, this was further elevated using a vast amount of data being generated, by transforming businesses into ‘insight-driven’ organisations. Today we are again facing a historic shift in technology, through advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Progressive businesses are already taking ambitious steps for the ‘AI Transformation’ of their businesses to stay competitive and grow. iTelaSoft has well understood this need and provides a series of services for such businesses to leverage AI for business impact.

Why should you pay attention to ‘Safe and Responsible AI’?
Early applications of AI were limited to very specific tasks, or a smaller part in a much larger problem. With the recent development of advanced AI techniques, Artificial Intelligence is starting to play a role in more broader and generic use cases more and more. They are now directly involved with Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and some cases even in high impact decision making. In an environment like that, ‘Safe and Responsible AI’ is an important consideration in any organisation’s strategic AI roadmap, AI initiatives, as well as use of AI. For more information read Australian Government’s interim response to safe and responsible AI.
Why is a Trusted Partner required for your AI Strategy?
Choosing a partner with the correct background and capabilities is essential to managing diverse challenges in the space of AI.
Using AI is not only dealing with technology! It has risks associated with privacy, data accuracy, and ethics, where you may need guidance.
AI technology space is rapidly evolving, and still going through a phase of gaining maturity. Well-informed decision-making is essential in selecting technologies.
As of today, you might not have in-house AI capabilities to drive your vision. You may need a partner who is ready to immediately contribute while nurturing the capabilities of your team.
You need results from your AI implementation Strategy without waiting for a long time! Assessing the feasibility of AI use cases, building proofs-of-concept, selecting correct technologies, tooling, and making quick course corrections are part of this journey. Achieving results in the short term to prove your long-term success just becomes easier with the support of an experienced partner.
Our comprehensive AI Transformation Services
iTelaSoft provides a series of services for AI Enablement and drives AI Strategy for a wide variety of organisations. They vary from building Smart AI Products to outlining the AI Roadmap for a business.
AI Strategy and Roadmap Consultation
Want to outline your short-term and long-term AI strategy and ensure it is sustained?
Many organisations need support to decipher the advantages of AI as well as risks of AI, when they establish a value-adding AI roadmap for their business. iTelaSoft provides in-depth consultation and hand-holding in discovering one’s unique path of embracing AI. This exercise involves assessing the AI maturity of the organisation, uncovering opportunities for leveraging AI, and figuring out how to navigate through ethical, societal, technical, and security issues.
AI Enabled Smart Products
Want to make your existing application or SaaS product smart?
If you have an already operating software product that provides value to your customers, iTelaSoft can engage in making them smarter by adding intelligent features. These include productivity enhancers, personalisation, predictions, AI assistants or AI chatbots, and insight-driven smart behaviours. iTelaSoft has a series of AI capability building blocks to accelerate the process of making products smarter.
AI Transformation of Operations
Want to leverage AI to increase operational efficiencies and quality?
Organisations that have already gone through a digital transformation are using digital workflows and tools to manage their business operations. These systems can be supercharged by adding AI Models to intelligently enhance their behaviour. iTelaSoft has been engaging in AI-enabling such systems for years, using traditional Machine Learning techniques as well as newly emerging Generative AI.
Data Management & Insights
Want to create useful insights and monetise data you already generate?
New-age businesses already possess heaps of data generated in their operations. These data can be often converted to valuable insights and decision assist tooling. iTelaSoft has been providing Data pipeline services, Analytics, Dashboards, and Self-Service BI tools for such organisations. With recent advancements in AI, iTelaSoft has been supporting businesses to uncover deeper insights from various data sources which were not possible previously.
MLOps, ModelOps and AI Testing
Having trouble streamlining your machine learning and AI development process?
AI-based application development and AI model creation are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Also, it adds operational, governance, and sustainability issues if automation and best practices are not employed. iTelaSoft supports organisations to employ industry standard practices around MLOps, ModelsOps, and establish governance while maintaining cost efficiencies. Providing application testing related to AI-related use cases is one more service provided by iTelaSoft.
Case Study: 40% reduction in customer response time


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  • 40% faster customer response times
  • 30% increase in lead management efficiency

Unlock applicationable insights and see how AI can transform your business operations.

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Why iTelaSoft?
A multi-disciplinary team with ACS-certified professionals for defining and supporting AI Strategy for our customers.
Experience in traditional Machine Learning techniques as well as modern Generative AI methods.
A multi-disciplinary team of advisors for defining and supporting the AI Strategy of our customers.
Out-of-the-box processes and tooling for organisation, team, and AI project assessments.
Readily available AI starter kits for faster bootstrapping common AI applications.
Strong and secure data handling policies and practices working with our customer’s data.
End-to-end product development capability which is eventually necessary for building real-world AI applications.
Who depends on us?

What our client says

What our clients say

“The iTelaSoft team are the team we depend on, when we need to implement complex features or functionality in a timely manner, with certainty that it will be done right, the first time, on time and budget. Being able to leverage off a knowledgeable team like the iTelaSoft team has enabled Possibl to grow and rapidly deploy features to our product.”

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Let us know how to help

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