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Accelerating Innovation and Growth with AWS Solutions

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Professional cloud services delivered by experienced AWS experts.
iTelaSoft provides a range of cloud services to companies across all industries. Our cloud experts have helped organisations on cloud-native restructuring, cloud cost optimisation, DevOps, and many more, to optimise business performance and increase long-term profitability.


At iTelaSoft, we take pride in our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), marked by our distinguished AWS Partnership badges. As an AWS Select Tier Partner and Public Sector Partner, we uphold the highest standards of service delivery, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest advancements in cloud technology. We stand ready to guide organisations through their digital transformation journey, delivering scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Why Partner with iTelaSoft?
At iTelaSoft, we stand out as your premier choice for AWS expertise. Our commitment to client success drives everything we do. With our deep knowledge and experience in AWS solutions, we deliver innovative, scalable, and cost-effective outcomes tailored to your specific requirements. Trust iTelaSoft to be your strategic partner in unlocking the full potential of cloud technology for your organisation.
Expertise in AWS Technologies:

As an AWS Select Tier Partner and Public Sector Partner, iTelaSoft demonstrates a high level of proficiency in AWS technologies. Their team comprises AWS-certified professionals who leverage this expertise to deliver innovative solutions.

Continuous Innovation:

iTelaSoft keeps abreast of the latest advancements in AWS technologies and continuously explores innovative solutions to address emerging challenges. By staying ahead of the curve, they help clients future-proof their IT infrastructure and stay competitive in the market.

Customised Solutions:

iTelaSoft understands that every business has unique requirements. They excel in crafting customised solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of each client, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Cost Optimisation:

iTelaSoft is committed to helping clients optimise their AWS usage and minimise costs. Through careful planning, resource allocation, and implementation of cost-saving strategies, they help clients achieve maximum value from their AWS investments.

Collaborative Partnership:

iTelaSoft views clients as strategic partners and collaborates closely with them to achieve shared goals. Facilitates open communication, transparency, and mutual trust, laying the foundation for successful, long-term partnerships.

Amazon Web Services(AWS)
Applications Deployment
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We facilitate seamless migration to the AWS Cloud through two key approaches: Cloud Native Restructuring and Container Adoption. With Cloud Native Restructuring, minimal changes to your applications unlock the full potential of AWS cloud services, enhancing scalability and reliability without extensive refactoring. Container Adoption offers a modern, scalable solution for complex applications, reducing management overhead and improving portability through containerisation and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes. Trust us to optimise your deployment strategy, ensuring agility, scalability, and efficiency in the cloud.
Database Services
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iTelaSoft offers comprehensive solutions for modernising your database infrastructure on the AWS cloud platform. Our expertise enables seamless migration and optimisation, providing the processing power, scalability, and uptime required for your most demanding applications. Through automation and purpose-built databases, we streamline provisioning and management tasks, allowing you to focus on core development activities. Say goodbye to inflexible commercial databases and embrace cloud-optimised, open-source-compatible alternatives for improved performance and cost efficiency. With scalability and high availability, your database remains accessible to your applications, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
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We recognise the pivotal role of DevOps in accelerating innovation. Our expertise enables organisations to implement DevOps best practices, leveraging AWS solutions for automated cloud infrastructure management. Through DevOps, we facilitate faster time-to-market and continuous delivery of mission-critical applications, products, and services. By automating resource management and provisioning using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we enable rapid innovation while ensuring resilience and security. Trust iTelaSoft to align your development and operations teams, fostering collaboration and early issue detection for enhanced application reliability and security.
Cloud Cost Optimisations
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iTelaSoft specialises in helping companies maximise cost efficiency in their AWS usage. By carefully analysing your AWS usage, services, and pricing options, we ensure that you only pay for the resources you truly need. Our proven strategies have helped numerous companies drastically reduce their monthly spend, allowing them to optimise their cloud investments while maintaining performance and scalability.
Managed Cloud Operations
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Achieving operational excellence in the AWS cloud demands a holistic approach. iTelaSoft provides comprehensive support through a dedicated team of engineers, guiding you through every aspect of your cloud journey. From seamless cloud migrations to complete application support and infrastructure build-out, we offer a suite of services tailored to your needs. Benefit from around-the-clock security, robust DevOps practices, expert disaster recovery planning, and proactive cost optimisation strategies. With iTelaSoft, rest assured that your cloud operations are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on driving innovation and growth.
product innovation

How an expert partner saved solcast 20% on AWS costs

Discover how iTelaSoft's expert guidance paved the way for Solcast to slash AWS costs by 20%, ensuring sustained growth and success in their cloud endeavors.

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product innovation

How a fintech company reduced cloud spending by 40% with the right support

Learn how iTelaSoft's expertise enabled a fintech company to reduce cloud spending by 40%, fostering sustained growth and success in their AWS journey.

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Who Depends on Us?
Discover some of the esteemed organisations iTelaSoft has had the privilege to serve. From startups to enterprise-level companies, our clients trust us to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service, driving their success in the AWS cloud.

What our client says

What our clients say

“We started working with itelasoft six years ago, intially with some small projects around building the Pockitpal mobile app and that experience was very positive and as our business has grown over the last six years we've continued to engage at itelasoft in a variety of projects both frontend UI projects and backend projects and safely say we've also recommended itelasoft to a number of friends and fintech orginsations. They've been great in terms of finding good resources for us, offshore resources predominantly to help us build our business over the last six seven years.”

Gary Cobain


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Let us know how to help

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