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Unlocking the Potential of Fintech Services
Fintech innovations are constantly reshaping financial industry at various scales from time to time, staying ahead means more than just keeping pace. They are confronted with the challenge of navigating evolving consumer and organisational behaviours. Partnering with a trusted tech ally is crucial for not only surviving but thriving in this competitive environment.

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iTelaSoft is an ecosystem partner of FinTech Australia, which helps to grow and support the creation, development, and adoption of financial technology across the Australian economy.

Why the right tech partner is important?
Choosing a right tech partner such as iTelaSoft offers several advantages.
Deep understanding of the fintech industry to add strategic value to your operations and growth trajectory
Foster an environment that encourages innovation, enabling the exploration of novel ideas and solutions that propel your fintech venture forward
The ability to adapt, upscale, or downsize your tech team according to evolving needs is crucial for sustained success
Access to a diverse pool of talent with the right expertise at different stages of product development
Leveraging existing components and innovative approaches are paramount for staying ahead of the curve
Look for a tech partner who shares your vision and is committed to growing alongside your fintech venture
FinTech technology services
As a valued ecosystem partner of Fintech Australia, iTelaSoft is committed to bridging the tech gap and addressing industry challenges with a people-centric approach. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and streamlined processes, we are poised to drive value creation in the fintech space.
Discovery workshops
Need support to define the MVP scope to disrupt the market?
iTelaSoft's multidisciplinary engagement team brings together Architect, User experience and Design, Business Analyst and Cloud Solutioning capabilities to discover what you want to achieve in the short term and long term and define the scope. It is important to identify the other products in the market and find the niche with our innovative solutions. Outcome would be highlevel tech design, wireframes and a cost estimate for different scenarios.
Technology stack and team selection
Having the wireframes and figma designs but need to select the right technology to build?
At this stage your product is defined to a greater extend but selecting the right technology, tools and the necessary skills are crucial to make this stage a success. Close to 50% of the fintech firms are finding it hard to find the right software and engineering talents to build and continue their innovative platforms. iTelasoft will approach this stage with multiple choices depending on the go to market timelines, budgets and other limitations to assemble the right team. It is important to select the resources who have domain knowledge, right skills and cultural fit.
Integrations team
Product is developed in beta stage, progressing slowly but need to add integrations faster?
Most of the fintechs are working in the B2B sector as the traditional finance and non-financial businesses seeking to bolster their service offerings and improve their customer experience. One influencing trend is the rise in embedded finance, which can be defined as the integration of financial services or products within a non-financial services company’s value chain to form a seamless and interconnected customer experience. iTelasoft team can assess the options for various types of integrations, workarounds to meet the expected outcomes in a faster timeframe. By partnering with us, you can tap into our well experienced integrations team who is well knowledgeable in KYC integrations, Payment platform integrations, CRM integrations and many other systems integrations.
IP and Security
Worried about how your IP is protected and data security in building the platform?
Security of IP is a major concern when working with a globally spread team as no one wants to end up having a same or similar product out there before yours. As a trusted partner, our integrated security approach will take care of all possible avenues of risks on sharing confidential product details, equipment and tools used and the people dealing with the project. iTelaSoft's commitment to compliance in consumer data protection act in Australia and GDPR in UK are key indicators that we take IP and security seriously.
Increasing runway
Eligible for research & development grant in Australia?
The tougher capital raising environment creates difficulty around accessing lending and credit facilities which in turn impacts the ability to scale up and expand operations, or simply survive. Given that the fintech sector is inherently reliant on technological innovation, research and development remains an integral area of investment for fintech firms. Our matured onshore/offshore hybrid model could be the answer to increase your runway. Identifying the innovation aspect and recording them according to your accountant’s direction, our team will help your organisation throughout the journey.
API and Data management
Securely monetise your data and services
Most FinTech’s are connected to their customers and other collaborating businesses through inbound and outbound data services; often implemented as APIs. Security of those services, metering, load handling & limiting, auditing, and maintain traceability are some of the important factors to pat attention in a FinTech business. iTelaSoft’s wide experience and partnerships in API management has been helping many FinTech businesses around the world to accomplish security, service quality and revenue.
Why iTelaSoft?
Explore why startups, scale-ups, and large enterprises turn to iTelaSoft for top-notch Fintech Development Services, essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of financial technology.
Thorough fintech industry knowledge
Strong Tech and Support teams
Matured tools and processes
15 Years of experience as a trusted partner
Peace of mind to focus on your business development
Extensive experience in integrating Fintech services
Who depends on us?
Number of organisations ranging from start-ups, scale-ups, to large enterprises depend on iTelaSoft for Fintech services.

What our client says

What our clients say

“We started working with itelasoft six years ago, intially with some small projects around building the Pockitpal mobile app and that experience was very positive and as our business has grown over the last six years we've continued to engage at itelasoft in a variety of projects both frontend UI projects and backend projects and safely say we've also recommended itelasoft to a number of friends and fintech orginsations. They've been great in terms of finding good resources for us, offshore resources predominantly to help us build our business over the last six seven years.”

Gary Cobain


Let us know how to help
Let us know how to help

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