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Data Science & Machine Learning

Revealing Insights

iTelaSoft's data solutions and services help businesses to unlock the full value of data through adoption of data science and machine learning. Our data solutions and services offer Customer Segmentation, Trend Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, Personalised Product Recommendations, Visual Insights and Conversational Interfaces.

Smart Segment

Smart Segmentation

Targeting customers with relevant content provides a major opportunity to build a strong, beneficial relationship with them. Additionally, identifying customers with similar characteristics allows the business to optimise their offerings to yield a better return of investment. Our Smart Segmentation solution is able to consider various customer attributes (e.g. demographics, behaviours, etc.) to identify super-targeted segments.

Trend Forecasting

Accurate prediction of future events allows for the evaluation of opportunities and threats in a rapidly evolving business environment. Our forecasting solutions incorporate state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to accurately predict key business indicators such as sales demand, profit, customer churn, and so on, by utilising historical data.

Trend Optimized
sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Businesses can know exactly what makes the customer feel like they are receiving a superior service by analysing the customer sentiments. Our sentiment analysis solutions make use of the latest Natural Language Processing techniques and Machine Learning to understand the customer sentiments on different aspects of products and services.

Personalised Recommendations

Businesses can increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenue by providing personalised product and service offerings. Our personalised recommendation solutions make use of customer details as well as their interactions with different business channels to calibrate the offerings to maximise the key performance indicators (e.g. interaction, revenue, etc.) defined by the business.

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churn optimized

Churn & Retention

Customers are the backbone of any business, and it is no secret that customer retention is a top priority. In addition, understanding the reasons customers churn and estimating the risk associated with individual customers are both powerful components of designing a data-driven retention strategy. Our customer churn prediction solutions could generate powerful predictive models to timely identify potential churn customers so businesses could effectively engage with them to improve their relationship.

Visual Insights

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Image analytics is a powerful technique businesses can utilise to understand what is happening on social media. Our visual insight solutions can be used to learn more about your target customers as well as any social trends that are impacting your products and services.

visual insights
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