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Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise integration is a common and much needed part of IT strategy of large organisations. It is all about establishing and simplifying critical processes, sharing important information with correct audiences and maximising opportunities. Enterprise Integration is a wide subject that require a series of different skills and tooling. iTelaSoft has been engaging with many different customers to connect applications, tools and user communities with standard and custom integration strategies.

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Integration Strategy

iTelaSoft helps many organisations to plan their integration strategies, implement them and govern them. Our team with the experience of different integrations requirements and tooling has been closely partnering with our customers to integrate with their digital ecosystem.

API Management

API management is a key aspect of enterprise integration allowing an organisation to share their data and application assets with its market and connect with partners. Easy adoption, security and developer experience are decisive factors in API management journey. iTelaSoft has a series of domain experts who support our customers in strategizing and implementing managed APIs.

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Process Automation

Many enterprises are continuously struggling with automating and improving their ever changing business processes. Traditional application development renders too slow and rigid for solving problems in this domain. iTelaSoft has been working extensively in process automation and creating digital twins using BPM and Low/No Code tools, delivering much faster with agility.

Application Integration

Many applications are built with limited thought of collaborating with other systems. Some legacy applications never consider this. In the real world, especially in an enterprise, applications should talk to each other to achieve faster services and reduce operational costs. One core competency of our team is providing a wide spectrum of technical expertise in application integration methods.

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