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IoT and Devices

Embedded Device Design & IoT

We offer a complete range of IoT services and solutions encompassing IoT Solution Architecture, Device Design, Prototyping, Integrating, Cloud Engineering, Data Analytics and Management. Our team is highly skilled in designing special purpose custom hardware devices and firmware. We work with a variety of IoT technologies including BLE, Wi-Fi, and Lora, to Narrowband Mobile and leading chip makers such as Texas Instruments, Atmel, Qualcomm, Neul, ARM, and SimCom.


IoT Device Design

Internet of Things brings your business together in unprecedented ways, resulting in increased process efficiencies, improved customer experience and, ultimately, revenue growth. We provide a wide array of services in the IoT space, from electronics design to device management. iTelaSoft is working with some of the largest Telcos to create innovative IoT solutions that run on GSM and Narrowband IoT (CAT-NB1/CAT-M1) with different protocols, such as UDP, MQTT, CoAP, and LWM2M.

Remote Sensing and Monitoring

Avoid unnecessary on-site monitoring, resulting in reduced manual processes and lowered cost of maintenance. We provide bespoke solutions for various monitoring and predictive use cases. With our experience in sensor integration, power management, electronic signal processing, and data analytics, we have been instrumental in creating cutting-edge monitoring solutions for various purposes.

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predictive maintannance

Predictive Maintenance

With ever-increasing scales of high-value machinery (vehicles, precision equipment, medical support tools, etc.) the cost of tracking, monitoring, and maintaining a fleet of equipment becomes expensive and error prone. Our IoT solutions enable sensing vitals of these equipment, reporting them and using intelligent analysis to proactively predict issues and avoid losses caused by unpredictable downtime and outages.

Device Management

iTelaSoft IoT Device Management Platform is a state-of-the-art messaging hub with specialised device provisioning and security embedded into the system. It provides a secure, reliable, and convenient platform for system integrators and IoT solution providers to deploy and manage systems with a large number of devices.

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