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iTelaSoft has been assisting various organisations to build B2C, B2B, and B2E mobile solutions and productivity apps. We help businesses to steer through their mobile strategy faster, smarter and more economically with various services in the mobile space. If you are looking to push the envelope and focussed on achieving competitive edge through smarter solutions we may be the right partner to talk to.


User-Centric Design

User experience is everything. The value of an app does not depend on the number of features it has, but on how good the user experience is. Mobile devices with extremely limited screen real estate, coupled with slow connectivity, can drastically affect the app's ability to provide a delightful user experience. One of our critical elements in crafting a compelling user experience, and consequently a successful app, is close collaboration between the developers, designers and analysis team. In our mobile enablement exercises, we pay special attention to user experience.

Implementation Choice

There are many goals in a mobile app project, including time to market, performance, offline capability, device compatibility, and budget. To cater to these diverse needs, different technologies and frameworks do exist. Hybrid Development, Native Development, and Single Codebase Cross Platform Development are some of the top-level options. We work with our customers to match their short-term and long-term business goals with the right technology stack and the development road-map most suitable for their mobile strategy.

mobile security

Mobile Security

Mobile apps feel more intimate to a user than a web application. They tend to store sensitive information both on the device itself and also in the cloud-based information repositories. With ever-increasing concerns of cyber-attacks and user attention to privacy, app owners have a tremendous obligation in implementing and managing the information security of their app. With the latest regulations, such as GDPR, iTelaSoft helps customers to address security concerns from design to deployment.

Data Analytics

Smart mobile applications are revolutionising the way people get the work done. Data analytics and machine learning are at the heart of smart applications. With the vast Data Science experience of iTelaSoft, we help apps to become progressively smarter as they accumulate data over time. Not only users, but app owners too, can benefit from the power of analytics by observing and predicting user needs and behaviour.

data analytics
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