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Product Innovation

Software Product Management

Product Innovation and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) are a significant part of iTelaSoft's key offerings. We have assisted a great variety of organisations, from start-ups to large enterprises, in their product lifecycle journey. Currently we support a number of customers around the world, including Australia, Europe, and North America.

product innovation

Product Innovation

Product innovation demands a blend of competencies including ideation, business analysis, user journey mapping, system design, integration techniques and data security. iTelaSoft is a one-stop shop for converting your innovative business ideas into a viable product. We work closely with our customers to expand ideas, identify market disruptive goals, enrich them and perform initial research in order to create winning product formulas. Our diverse experience in domains such as Education, Fintech, Telco and Embedded Systems, along with emerging technologies like blockchain, chatbots and prediction engines, helps us to innovate great products on behalf of our customers.

MVP Fast-Track

One of the deciding factors in product development is how fast the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be released into the market. In this critical phase, the product must be usable, engaging, secure and reliable and affordable. iTelaSoft works diligently with our clients to understand key success criteria and work closely to fast-track the product implementation. We execute the MVP phase in a flexible and agile manner, so the product concepts and value creation are continuously fine-tuned while responding to feedback from customer testing.

mvp fast track

Long-Term Support

Once a product is out in the market, it needs attention to sustain and evolve. The application host environments have to be monitored for resource consumption, up time, performance and security. To be competitive in the market, product should evolve with features and capabilities. Maintaining the viability of the product while keeping the costs down is both a science and an art. iTelaSoft provides this long-term development and maintenance support for many of our clients.

Dedicated Teams

Some of our customers prefer a dedicated team, acting as part of their organisation. In certain product scenarios, this makes a lot of sense, especially where branding, regulations, and specialised knowledge retention are concerned. A significant component of our service involves, providing dedicated teams for product organizations or Independent Software Vendors (ISV). With our decade's worth of experience in product development and software services, iTelaSoft provides dedicated teams to extend your organisation.

dedicated teams
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