XG Automation Platform

Making cellular testing efficient
Deploying a cellular technology takes a lot of testing. After deployment it takes a lot of monitoring. XG Automation Platform (XGP) saves time and money by providing a comprehensive framework for mobile technology end-to-end test automation.

End-to-End Testing with XGP

End to end testing covers validation of a capability from the origination of the service to the consumption of the service, covering the complete chain of technologies. With end to end testing a technician or a support team member can identify a problem with a service which might be caused by any component in the technology chain.
XGP provides an all in one platform with a comprehensive set of test capabilities over different RF technologies:
RF Technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
Testing Capabilities: Voice, VoLTE, SMS, STK, Broadband Data, Narrowband Data
Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, TLS/DTLS, CoAP, MQTT, LWM2M and more
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How it Works
XGP consists of programmable GSM radios and a distributed test automation framework. With that, it provides an extremely agile and cost-effective framework for many types of testing required for network capabilities or applications in a mobile network.

For Network Operators

There are many use cases that network operators can benefit from the XGP

Lab Testing

In faraday caged lab setups, XGP makes testing and troubleshooting activities easy by providing a wide range of test capabilities powered by a single test platform

Service Monitoring

For network services or applications that require an SLA, XGP is a reliable service monitor to monitor service levels and making alters in case of anomalies.


XGP makes easier service benchmarking either in specific location or in drive tests by fully automating the test scenarios and logging service parameters

Deployment Testing

When production cells are provisioned, XGP allows repetitive test activities faster and cost effective

Lab Deployments
How it's Used

For Network Testing Providers

If you are a network testing provider who engages in validating and certifying a cellular deployment, XGP provides many capabilities to reduce effort and streamline the process.
portal and device
XGP  Web Portal and Device      
Automate Test Scenarios: Develop all test scenarios in a test engagement as organized test suites. Reuse and execute scripted test cases saving time and effort.

Multichannel Test Automation: XGP supports RF Testing, Web Application Testing, API Testing and Mobile App testing with different test agents. You may develop complex test cases that span across multiple channels thanks to the multi-channel capability

Remote Testing: XGP has it’s built in Distributed Test Coordinator. Your test team does not necessarily require to be present in the test lab to carry out testing

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We have helped many network providers in multiple countries to accelerate their cellular deployments. Also, we have supported ongoing application monitoring and SLA compliance needs with a fraction of the cost.